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Cleansing Milk - Milky Collagen Cleanser

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  • Material Soluble collagen, Sunflower Seed Oil, Trehalose, PLX-SA
  • Weight150 g

[PrestigeCosmetic CO LTD]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

Milky Collagen Cleanser / 150ml [8806128700011]

│ Entirely different approach of Professional Skin care │

1. Contains Anti-oxidant substance
- PLX-SA, a key ingredient of the Derma Science cosmetic line, forms a skin protection layer, helps protect skin from the harmful environment, and increases skin hydration and nourishment

2. Enhances Skin Immunity - 100% Natural Herbal Complex
- PLX-SA, a 100% Natural Herbal Complex, helps enhance skin’s immunity and maximizes the anti-oxidant effect (lasts for 24 hours)

3. Uses the Polar Solvent Extraction Method
- PLX-SA is a patented extraction method for the compound & composition of 5 kinds of herbal ingredients

4. 3x Increased Duration of the effects
- All Derma Science cosmetic lines boast of 3x increased skin penetration compared to other collagen products containing extracts from pig skin or eel by helping regulate the generation of Cytokine, which is involved in skin immune responses

5. Strengthens skin cells
- Improves the holistic skin structure and increases the volume of skin

6. Created by expert with 30 years’ Know-how on Natural Herbal Complex
- Hypo-allergenic formula created by skin expert applied to all Derma Science lines

│ Benefits │

1) Enhances skin’s firmness while cleansing
2) No irritation while cleansing
3) Provides excellent soothing effects without any skin irritation
4) Hydrates skin for a long time
5) Gently melts and removes dirt and light makeup
6) Product approved by CFDA

│ Effects │

1) Soluble collagen: makes skin firmness last longer
2) Uses minimum surfactant compare to foam cleanser
3) Trehalose, Sunflower Seed Oil: Prevents the evaporation of moisture
4) PLX-SA, a certified ingredient, increases skin’s immunity, so it makes the effects last longer with anti-oxidant action

│ Major Ingredients │

Soluble collagen, Sunflower Seed Oil, Trehalose, PLX-SA (Certified ingredient)

│ Description │

* Weight or Volume: 150ml
* Manufacturing Country: South Korea
* Payment terms: T/T, L/C
* Delivery terms: FOB(negotiable)


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Cleansing Milk _ Milky Collagen Cleanser